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Redness and Flaky skin

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Ok, so ive been on the regimen for a week now, acne is starting to clear well and i have no doubt that in a couple of weeks ill be clear. However, my skin is red and is flaking very badly around the areas that i apply BP to. I know this is common practice as my skin 'gets use to' BP and am willing to stick with the regimen. My questions being, how long does this redness and flaky skin last on average for everyone else? a week, 2 weeks? Is there a point where the skin just isn't flaky and red anymore? When i use the moisturizer it drastically reduces the flakiness, just i dont enjoy my skin peeling off in public!!

Thanks in advance.

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i stopped flaking completely around month three or so, with some serious adjustments to the regimen.

Exfoliating gently before cleansing (or while you cleanse) morning and night, waiting less time between cleansing and applying BP, a moisturizer with AHA at night, applying oil RIGHT after i cleanse to prevent my skin from cracking and drying out, waiting 30 minutes to an hour before applying moisturizer (helps with redness too, most of the time) and using oil in my moisturizer twice a day for a couple weeks until my skin could handle it without.

My redness stopped around the same time too, but i'm not sure if it was related to what i was doing at the time or what.

good luck!

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