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BP Once a Day?

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This coming Monday, I'll be on 4 1/2 months on the regimen. I feel like that's a fair enough amount of time for my skin to have adjusted to the BP. However, it's still red and flaky. That could very well have something to do with the fact that I use ACV for redmarks. I've cut that down to once a day, though, now that my red marks have improved.

This week is the first week since the start of the regimen that I've been 100% clear. Not one bump on my face. I just don't even know if it's worth it though, with all the flakes and redness. So here's my question. Now that I'm clear, do you think I should try just doing BP at night? Like, the full three pumps at night, and just cleanser and moisturizer in the morning? Maybe then my skin could get back to a normal color and maybe get a little more hydrated? I'm scared to try it and break out like crazy, but I'm sick of looking like a tomato.

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there's certainly no harm in trying it. You're not going to immediently break out horribly. if you get a little more acne then just go back to whatever you were doing beforehand.

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I personally would cut out the ACV altogether. Not switch to using BP once a day and just ramp up the amount of moisturizer you put on your face. I personally once started using BP once a day and I ended up getting a couple pimples. I am assuming because those 12-14 hours of not having BP on your face to combat the bacteria is enough time for the bacteria to go unchecked and help form a couple pimples.

However, this is my skin, and your skin may be entirely different!

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I apply it once a day!

and may i suggest trying other methods to combat the dryness and redness and flakes? like waiting less time between steps (cleanse, pat dry, immediately apply BP) and waiting 30 minutes to an hour before applying moisturizer (Helped with my redness a lot).

Also applying jojoba oil (or whichever oil you like) after cleansing and doing the -jojoba exfoliation method- used to help me loads, now i just exfoliate with a washcloth before cleansing, its a lot faster, but might cause irritation, so do whichever you feel is best.

And if after all that, you STILL have problems with redness and flakes, i'd SLOWLY decrease your amount of BP (night or day) over a period of weeks until you can completely stop applying it, it saves you from unnecessary breakouts and your skin won't freak out like it would if you just stopped applying it once a day out of no where.

Good luck!

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