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Hey everyone

So my regimens doing me okay, but I'm not seeing the full results I'm really wanting. It's really frustrating.

I need a regimen that can help takle all of my problems

Current skin problems: dry skin, redness, unevenskin tone, red marks, clogged pores, few random pimples and a few blackheads

Current regimen: cerave cleanser, redness clearing serum, finacea, aha enhanced lotion, cerave cream and green tea mask on spots

Stuff I have avaible; differin .1 cream, aczone, sodium sulfacetamide, Manuka honey, emu oil

I'm willing to try new things.



Edit: scarred pores also

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Well you regime is very complicated and I'm not familiar with many of the products you mention, however is worth remembering that the more products you apply the more irritation you can cause you skin and the more acne outbreaks can occur. You really only need three things for clear skin, a gentle cleanser, something to treat the acne and a non-comeogenic moisturiser.

The Peter Thomas Roth acne clearing gel is what I currently use successfully and would recommend as in the regime in my signature. If you reluctant to give up all your products at one maybe try phasing some of the out gradually and seeing what happens...

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Your right. I'm going to be using two acne products that's it. One in the morning and one at night. I'm using differin .1 lotion in night and 8% aha cream in the morning. Cleanser is cerave and moisturizer is anti redness then almond oil.

2x week Peter Thomas Roth peel pads for exfoliation and a calamine mask 2x week

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