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Question about Skin Type

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I used benzoyl peroxide for years to treat my mild-to-moderate acne, and this past week I decided to switch to an all-natural regimen. I'd really like to start doing daily steam treatments and weekly clay facials to keep my pores nice and clean, and after doing a bit of research, I discovered that different clays are recommended for different skin types.

Well, here's the problem: Benzoyl peroxide has made my face so dry that my sebaceous glands are quite active, in an attempt to compensate for the dryness. Immediately after I wash my face, my skin is tight beyond belief, and it begins to flake if I don't moisturize right away. Shortly after moisturizing (Cetaphil was my lotion of choice), the oiliness commences. So I have no idea how to classify my skin type. And I know I don't have combination skin, because it's either desert-dry everywhere, or it's ultra-oily everywhere. What are your thoughts?

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I have skin like that too. It looks like I used oil as a moisturizer shortly after washing even though my face feels SO dry and creaky.

I guess I'd say you have dry skin. and the oiliness is due to the dryness and your glands are going nuts. With extra moisture you might be able to balance out the oil overproduction.

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Thank you for your thoughts, xgirl. I've been using jojoba oil as a moisturizer for the last week, and I can tell that it's curbing the oil production a bit. Maybe I should be mix equal parts bentonite and kaolin clay for my facial masks -- bentonite does a great job of removing sebum from the pores and is best intended for oily skin types (it's very drying), and kaolin clay cleanses without removing sebum. So it'd basically be a diluted formula. Has anyone here been able to prevent breakouts by using these clay masks?

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