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Gregula's Diary

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Ive never used a diary before but i thought i might as well make use of this internet site. Ive had acne for 7 years and as you can see from my pics:


i still have it after trying all antibiotics in the tetracycline group, minocycline, and topical retinoids and clindamycin preparations. I am presently on erythromycin and isotrex. Been on them two weeks so, I now I intend to use these pics and update them to show whether this treatment is actually working.

I do believe i have resistant strains of acne bacteria on my face and therefore its going be difficult to find anything that will make my skin better, especially given teh huge humber of acne lesions and blemishes and scarring i now have as a result of seven years of acne.

Anyway, suffice to say, if i do find a cure, im pretty sure it will be the cure for everyone with acne, although i havent tried accutane, and am weary about using it given my present state of mind.

right i'll leave it a week, so ill next post on friday of next week. hmmmm im sceptical of seeing any improvement,


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The camera isnt very good so you cant see the extent of it, however if you notice the pic of my right face, then you'll see how seven years has effected me with all those very dark blemishes and new spots forming all over the place!! its not nice!!

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eep. erythromycin had a nasty effect on me... blood in my unrine ohmy.gif

it wasn't one that was mentioned in the leaflet so i had to fill out a form and send it off to the pharmaceutical company. i felt strangely honoured! don't want to worry you though!

good luck with it. and don't forget to update us.

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no ive had to lower my doasge of erythromycin.....from 1000mg a day to 500 because i had real bad gastric pains, not nice...but hey its ok at the mo.......

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