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Hi, everyone!

I have been using DK's regimen for about a year now, and it has worked great as far as pretty much eliminating my fairly mild but persistent acne. I have never been able to get a handle on the flakiness, though, with only the DK products. I used CeraVe Lotion (not the AM kind) for several months, but it broke me out pretty badly on my chin and then on my jaw line and neck. So I had to quit that. I was almost out of my original bottle of the DK moisturizer, which I was never overly fond of (greasy feeling), so I ordered the new stuff, and I guess I'm on about Day 4 of using it. My dry, scaly patches and flakiness have returned with a vengeance, and there are a few tiny whitehead type bumps, and while I'm not denying that it may just be my skin getting used to something new, if this is going to be what I am dealing with long-term, I am going to have to hunt up something else.

I loved my skin's texture while using the CeraVe Lotion, and would like to try using the CeraVe cream at night if things don't change here soon. My fear, of course, is that it will cause me to break out as well. Nothing ventured nothing gained, but I would like to know if those of you who have broken out using CeraVe Lotion - have you ever used the cream and did it also break you out?



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Hi May

I use and love the CeraVe lotion, but I've never broken out from it. I did fix the flakiness with jojoba oil though. Have you tried it? The Regimen has you mixing it with your moisturizer then applying it, but that has always left me looking and feeling greasy. I use the recommended 6 drops of jojoba oil immediately after washing my face, while it's still a little damp. Then wait 15 min, BP, then wait 15 min, lotion. It really helped to curb the flakiness, and will allow you to use less lotion to feel hydrated (and maybe less breaking out then). I hope this helps a little and good luck!

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I am on Week 1 trying out the CeraVe lotion and I am loving it. I used the original Moisturizer by Dan here for over a year and it was great, no flakes, nothing, only thing I didnt like about it is the "Staying on top of the skin ALWAYS, never soaks in feeling", then came the new hyped about moisturizer with licochalcone, it totally ruined my face, and I mean totally. used over 8 pumps throughout the day (old pumps, not the new ones) and my whole face became like wood-dry. I found out that though I know it didnt moisturize well enough, not only that, no, it actually DRIES me out! even when used without the BP! Its been a week now on CeraVe and It is great! alot of moisture WITHOUT being "there" always on top of my skin!

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Thanks for the tips. Since last Friday, I have been having an awful time right now with itchy, red, irritated skin...I don't know what is going on. But i went back to the CeraVe since I know it wasn't doing this.

I thought that maybe Dan's new moisturizer was irritating me as well, but I haven't touched that stuff since last Thursday, so now I am thinking that I am allergic to BP all of a sudden. I have sensitivity with it anytime I stop and restart using it, and this itchiness feels exactly like the itchiness I get from BP, but I have been using it constantly for a year now on the regimen. So I used it last night, and woke up to horridly irritated itchy skin for the second time in a week, and am going to try stopping it for the time being to see if this irritation goes away.

I love the way Cerave feels on my skin too, so giving it up was a hard thing for me to come to grips with...but for now, I'm going to use it in spite of what I thought it was doing and just see what happens. Lord knows it can hardly get worse than it is right now.

Anytime I added jojoba oil in the routine, I thought that it made me really greasy. So I've been using it solely to remove eye makeup. Hopefully quitting the BP will make all this irritation and dryness go away.

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my derm recommended CeraVe to me a little while ago and gave me some coupons for it so i thought i would try it. i hated it! the am stuff was the worst. it was way too thick and it made my face so greasy looking. it was almost like it sat on my face and didnt absorb because my face started to get red as well. i tried the pm stuff and it wasnt as thick which was nice but once again i didnt think it was really absorbing into my skin. at one point the one side of my chin got so red and started burning. i immediately went back to my olay regenerist deep hydration cream and the redness and burning was gone the next day. i use benzaclin everyday and the regenerist products from olay are the only things that make my skin not red. i will never use CeraVe again.

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this is what I have been doing. I wash my face with Equate babywash with oatmeal, then I use the CeraVe Cleanser. This week its started to tingle a little bit, but that could be from the Atraline Gel. Anyways after I was I use the CeraVe LOTION...not cream. I think it absorbs ito the skin extremely well. It soothes my face. The Cleanser also leaves my skin moistourized unlike soap or babywash if I just use it alone. I don't thenk the cleaner or lotion broke me out. I do beleive it's the atralin gel because I stoped using the CeraVe Lotion/Cleanser for 1 week and I still broke out terribly. On back to using CeraVe because it's the only thing that sooths and moisourizes my face. Give the LOTION a try....like you said

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hey guys,

Had a quick question:

I used to use the Olay Complete for Sensitive skin (new formula) and that never gave me any flakes while using Dan's BP (twice a day).

Recently, the Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin SPF 15 went back to its "Classic Formula" but it doesn't absorb well with the BP. The lotion balls up and leaves streaks on my face. Also, it doesn't moisturize my skin enough, I'm starting to get a lot of flakes.

Question: Does this lotion work well on top of the BP? Does it absorb nicely? I heard it's a very light lotion, non-greasy which is good. I just hope that it won't break me out since my skin is sensitive.

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So I've been off the regimen for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I'm sure I was becoming sensitive to the BP as within 24 hours of quitting it, the itching had subsided majorly and by the next day most of the redness had gone. The improvement in texture was fabulous too. All the wrinkles around my eyes had subsided (I looked OLD!!) and my skin was smoooooth.

Since this past Saturday, though, I have developed what I can only figure is a purging type breakout. Tons of little whiteheads and blackheads all around my chin and mouth.

To anyone who has stopped BP cold turkey...how long did it take things to calm down? Or has using BP for an extended period kindof mucked my skin up. I should have known that week of calmness post BP was a fluke. :( I forgot what a bummer acne is.

Also, in the event that I get brave and re-test my skin's issues with BP what is the best method to test for sensitivities? I know that I am sensitive to it but usually it passes in a week or so. But this latest thing was a full blown disaster. So I don't know if I should...

Also (again) if anyone has any alternatives to BP that seem helpful I am game.

Still using CeraVe products mostly with DK's cleanser sometimes and the AHA as needed.

It's so hard to be patient when it's your effing face you're dealing with.

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