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Hey, just wondering if excessive androgen hormones can be the single cause for acne in males, i know it can in women with their menstrual cycle and everything.

Or can males with excessive andrgenic hormones still not have acne because they dont have the genetic predispensation (the gene for acne). Maybe having an over ambundent and excessive amount of androgenic hormones during puberty and adolescence is inherited and is genetically based.

I dont know, what do you think????

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hey philly, i personally dont think people have to have high hormones to have acne, actually most people with acne have thier hormone levels tested, an they come back normal. i think what happens is people have a sensitivity to normal levels. so even though technically their levels are fine, they are having problems like acne, etc. and im sure there are people out there with high androgens an no acne, just think of alot of old men losing their hair. some of them have high androgen levels, yet usually eh only problem thats visible is that they are losing their hair.. even though they have high levels of what can cause acne.

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Lets get this straight,

You are either genetically predisposed to acne or not. Meaning you have the acne gene or you dont.

There are many factors then, that may trigger off the gene, and thus you get acne. Androgen production during puberty is thus one of those factors that triggers the gene (if you have it), hence if you dont have the predisposition but high androgen production your unlikely to get acne!

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