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The Regimen - Long Term

Hi guys I've been on the regimen for about 5 days and it's working great so far. I just got the bp gel in the mail (been using neutrogena OTS before it) and put it on. So far I like it a lot more than the neutrogena OTS. Anyway, the reason I wrote this post was because I'm curious to see how well the regimen works long term for you guys. When i say long term I mean a year or more. I'm 31 yrs old and have moderate acne. Like a lot of you, I've tried everything short of accutane including proactive, b5, detox, murad, you name it i've tried it. Most recently I tried botchla's regimen for the past 5 months until it stopped working. What I'm getting at is that everything I try that works only works for a period of time say 3 to 6 months and then stops working. It's like my skin takes a time to adapt to whatever i'm using and then it's back to square one with my acne. I am optimisticly hoping that Dan's regimen will be different but at the same time I'm very skeptical because of my previous experiences. I know Dan says on the site that skin cannot become resistant to bp but then I dunno how my skin has adapted to the previous bp based acne medication that i've tried. hmmm maybe Dan's way of gentle cleansing and application makes all the difference? I hope so because I'm tired of being on this acne roller coaster. Anyone had similar experience as me but Dan's regimen actually worked for you long term?

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I've benen on it for almost a month, and I've gone from mild to almost clear! Im also wondering how well it works long term..like will I somehow become IMMUNE to it? lol

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I used the regimen from feb 03-feb 04 and it kept me pretty clear. Then for reasons I can't quite understand things started to go pear-shaped - I had the impression that the regimen stopped working. But at the same time I had become a little cavalier with my routine, started to add in other products, was being a bit lax about touching my skin etc. Anyway I resolved to go back onto the regimen relgiously about two months ago. And what do ya know? I cleared up again.

Mercer has been using the regimen for at least two years. Dan himself has been doing the regimen for 7 years I believe.

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