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dermabrasion.. and tunneled infection from cyst

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well ive finally decided to have dermabrasion from dr y, but the one thing about it thats really concerning me, i have an 8 year old sebacceous cyst on the lower left side of my face. this cyst has never really caused problems, except a few years back i noticed these swollen cord like things thats were a few inches above it. i finally got it diagnosed as 'tunneled infection' , im assuming from the cyst, as ive never had bad acne on my left side, ive only had this cyst. dr y is going to excise it on sept 20, but im so afraid the tunneled infection wont go away. although there is a chance it will, as most tunneled infection is 'fed' by something (usually acne or a cyst), so im hoping that they will go down with the removal of the cyst. if it doesnt go down they are gonna be even more noticeable after dermabrasion, but i dont want this stupid little problem messing up my dermabrasion sad.gif does anyone have any opinions on this? anyone ever had a cyst that caused tunneled infection, if so, did it go away once the cyst was removed? also, i had horrible acne on mainly the right side of my face, an i mean it was horrible, but ive never had any tunneled infection over there, just on my left side near my cyst. thanks so much for any input guys!!! sorry for the long drawn out post lol smile.gif

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My acne (when I was younger and it was active) was all cystic acne. I had lots of "tunnel" infections as you describe. I went on three courses of accutane before I finally nixed it. Once the cysts were gone, so were the tunnel infections. Hope this helps and good luck!

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thank you thank you!!! that gives me hope... so maybe mine will go as well once my cyst is goneeeeeeee biggrin.gif whew you have made me feel better... have a wonderful evening!!

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