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La La La

about the tape method...

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hello everyone..havent posted in a while..too busy working..and sunbathin'!!!

what caught my eye though when i was reading through the scar board on acne.org was the tape method maya mentioned.i therefore have a few questions.so maya..if ur around..maybe u could help answer them for me pweese!! of course anyone elses opinion is more than welcomed..the more the better!!!

ok,so now the questions(and excuse the naive ones;)

1-does the tape make fresh scars more red?

2-even if the scar isnt fresh..how does the tape help the scar?

3-is it good to apply the tape daily and nightly?

erm..thats all i can think of right now...pls,any replies will be grateful!!

p.s:rose hip oil treatment has been goin well...im thinkin its been more than a month since i started..apparently i should leave off the oil after eight weeks;the scars are meant to have faded by then.Many scars have done so and im very pleased with the present results.i should post u all some pics,but webcam is busted and am close to throwin the god damn piece of equipment out of the window...but it acts like someone already has!!

take care ppl and i'll post soon,

La La La.xxx cool.gif

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