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Havent had hair loss or much thinning yet...should i be worried?

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i havent had any hair loss, and just aliitle thinning, should i be worried about more hair thinning? or am i clear of the hair thinning side effecte? i've been on accutane for 4 months now

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From my experience, this is how it works.

The hair takes a long time to grow (1/2 inch a month or so). So, the state of your hair now reflects the health of your body months ago. If you've been on Accutane for four months, then you may not yet have noticed the extent of the thinning caused by the meds. A lot of people don't even begin to notice it until after the course is over. On my course, I noticed a little thinning after a couple of months, limp hair that the wind likes to toy with, and I was no longer able to style it because it would come out in clumps in my rough clay. I've been off Accutane for 8 months, and my hair goes through good days and bad days, but it is noticeably thinner. As of the last couple days, I may have started noticing signs of recovery, but I don't want to get my hopes up too early, as they say the thinning can last 6-12 months after the initial shock to the system.

You may be in the clear, you might not be. Accutane's a fickle mother.

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I'm in my 3rd month and I don't *think* my hair has been thinning. I think my hair still feels and looks the same. But I do find tons of hair all over the floor every day and it gets me a little worried to be honest. Both me and my roommate have long black hair so I don't know whose hair that is. I've always been a shedder, but hopefully Accutane isn't making me shed more than usual. Only time will tell I guess...

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