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Hair shedding and Roaccutane

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Okay without being paranoid...how many strands of hair is it normal to lose a day?

I'm on a low-dose Roaccutane (60mg a week) and I've just started noticing more strands falling out recently. Now I don't want to start blaming the Roaccutane as it could be because of the Summer heat and seasonal hair shedding but I just wanted to know how much is a normal amount of hair to lose everyday?

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hey.. honestly its probably the roaccutane doing it. i think its normal to lose like 50-100 strands a day, but its known that accutane causes hairloss, dont worry though, once u stop it the loss will stop, an u will grow back everything u lost. also, the type of hairloss one gets from accutane is very diffuse, it wont ever get noticeable to anyone but you.

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When i was on accutane hair loss was the thing i was MOST worried about. I also got paranoid i was losing more hair than usual....i think accutane DOES make your hair and scalp really dry, so you might lose a bit more than normal because of that. However, i never really noticed any significant hair loss from accutane. Also, as soon as i stopped it the dryness of my hair went away.

My derm told me that in all her years of practice she has NEVER observed significant and permanent hair loss as a side effect of accutane.


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Thanks guys for the response! I was really freaking out that I'd lose all my hair and I think that because it's one of the listed side-effects I started getting ultra paranoid.

It's funny that now my skin is almost completely clear instead I start worrying about the condition of my hair. It's as if I always have to obsess about one particular aspect of my appearance...

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