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I am a 43 year old female. I have never had severe acne, however, I have always had acne.

The acne would last maybe a week and then it was gone. In the past 4 or 5 years I have started getting very painful acne. Squeezing it does not help. It really only makes it worse. The spots sometimes have a head and sometimes do not have a head. I have oily skin on my face.

These area really turn into sores - they get a scab and are very itchy and painful if touched. It really feels like there could be a thorn or a splinter in them. Sometimes if the scab is pulled off, there will be a white thing, like a core attached to the scab. Generally after the white thing comes out, the area will clear up.

Sometimes even after the white thing comes out and the area clears up, there will be a little white bump where the area was. This white bump will eventually work it's way to the surface without causing another flare up.

These areas have lasted for months. As long as 4 months. Peroxide dabbed on the area after washing the face seems to help them heal a little faster. But I am having to wash my face 3 and 4 times a day.

I also have small blackheads and whiteheads.

Is there anything I can do to stop these painful flareups? Please advise!


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you may want to try dans regimen or botchlas regimen. Stick to it for 2 months before u decide to chnage.

Drink lots of water to boost ur immune system as well.

Also u should only be washing twice daily. 3-4 times will just cause ur skin to produce too much oil. Lower ur washings to 2x and u should see a noticiable improvement in ur skin.

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If you want to try a dedicated topical regimen - give Dan's a go - But cystic acne (what you describe) can be harder to treat topically than other forms of lesions. I think you should also investigate accutane - it is a nasty ass drug - but it is the most effective treament there is for cystic acne.

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I used to have acne like what you are describing. It didn't respond well to anything until I cut waaay down on dairy products in my diet. This board helped me realise that I was probably somewhat lactose intolerant, and when my older daughter started breaking out, I cut down on the milk she was drinking and both of us cleared up.

For the sores, I would suggest Spenco 2nd Skin. Its a lightweight healing gel with hyaluranic acid in it and it is awesome! This, combined with Dan's BP and a good sunscreen and moisturiser, has helped me control my light hormonal acne very well.

Good luck!

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