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all i want is to smell delicious!

fragrances break me out, as they do for many of us- but is there anything that smells good that won't sensitize or irritate sensitive, acne-prone skin?

i wouldn't quite call tea tree a fragrance

any other oils that smell good and are good for us?

let us discuss...

thanks guys!

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As far as I know,essential oil fragrances have a higher likelihood to cause a reaction in people than synthetics...

What exactly have you used that causes issues?

You put fragrance on your hot spots,like on top of your jugular vein (neck) and your wrists. So if you're getting actual acne from fragrances, perhaps you're using them in the wrong location? If they break you out on the locations I listed than it should be a rash-like lesion, not pimples.

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it seems whenever i put any kind of fragrance on my neck, i break out in papules there

How are we supposed to make reasonable deductions if you don't list what you have used in the past?

List the type/brand of the perfumes please.

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my fave scent is Comme de Garcons Lily. you can get samples at luckyscent.com. But i also like to put rose oil on my pulse points. You can try having a perfumey shampoo. I like Fekkai smoothing shampoo and conditioner. makes me smell good alllllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyy

eep i sound like an advert

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