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regimen over a long period of time

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Hi. I have been using dan's regimen for over two years now. I have gone through periods where my skin is quite clear and periods where it has got worse. Currently it is ok, however as it is not keeping me completely clear i am considering stopping the regimmen and going on medication.

My main concern about the regimen is the effect of benxoyl peroxide on the skin for an elongated period of time. I have noticed that my face is alot dryer than it ever used to be, also it has lost its 'glow' or vibrancy. Lines on my forehead have become more visable and one at the bridge of my nose which was never here before. Overall mny face looks dryer whiter and less youthful than when i started. I was wondering if anyone who has been using benzoyl peroxide for a long period of time has noticed it damaging the skin? Furthermore i was wondering what the impact of using such a harsh chemical such as benzoyl peroxide can be on the skin for such a long period of time? surely bleaching your skin or using a harsh chemical for so long cannot be good for your skin?


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Benzoyl peroxide has been show to be safe. two years is a long time, and to say that it was the BP causing your skin to be dry and dull is a correlation, and we all know correlation doesn't equal causation. In my opinion there could be many other factors you may want to look into. Maybe you're deficient on certain vitamins, maybe you don't get enough sleep or sun, hydration could be a factor, sleep could be a factor, etc etc. Do some research on this website about lifestyle causes of acne and you may find your answer

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