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LED lights (uk) where to buy and how to use

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I'm going to start using LED lights and I need your guys help. I need recommendations as to where I can buy the lights for a good price and good quality. Having looked through some other threads I have found these...

Red Light, cost 49.99


Blue Light, cost 230.00


Another Blue light, cost 149.00


One from the US is the led man, here is a link and he has prices for red/blue/yellow


Including the ones I've listed (and hopefully your recommendations) can someone help me out which one to buy.

Also I need help on how to use the lights. Which ones are for which? It seems:

blue = prevent acne

red = promote healing

yellow = ?? no idea

And also the time, how long per day should they be used for? Thanks a lot. sorry don't know how to add the links properly lol can someone help?

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Get the red light one, that's the one I have.

I use it three times a day, it has a one minute timer for each use. Since I have 15 areas on my face to treat (Yes, my face is fucking TERRIBLE) I use it a total of about 45 times a day, equaling 45 minutes.

Just make sure you spread the treatments out throughout the day, and whatever you do, do not do multiple treatments on the same spot within the same hour.

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I think you should go with the LED Man light. Blue is for acne, red and infrared are for wound healing and reducing inflamation and amber (yellow) is for reducing redness. I have his device and I really like it. With his device, you can put several different lights on one device and switch on just the color you want. I've had it for about 3 weeks and I've seen less acne, but no change on red marks. There's a good thread on essentialdayspa.com about his lights.

Hope that helps.

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I was told that blue LED light helps hyperpigmentation. I bought the EVIS blue light from hautelook.com but unfortunately the deal only lasted 3 days - but i've seen it on Amazon. i've been using it for a few weeks but haven't noticed a great improvement yet - but LED therapy takes a while to work so don't expect results after one use. Also, a laser clinic i go to for microdermabrasion told me they do blue light therapy sessions but they put a cream on your face that makes you more sensitive to blue light, making it even more effective.

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