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After 35 years!!! Finally!

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Acnevir Adult Formula $6.00

Acne & Redness Relief Gel

Homeopathic Medicine

Active ingredients: Resorcinol, salicylic acid, and sulphur. (I have not noticed a scent)

I tried this product along with my 16 year old daughter and the results have been amazing. Within an hour of her first use of the product she came into the kitchen and tells me, 'mom, that stuff works immediately'.

After 6 months of using this product a little different "as directed", I have not had a single breakout. My daughter also using the same way I do has had 2 very easily cleared up, non-scarring pimples.

As far as the "redness relief" that the product claims, I feel it has more of a calming feeling to it than actual redness fading effect.

I begin my day with the use of Olay Reginerist micro-purifying foaming cleanser $12.00, its anti-aging but your never too young to start slowing the effects of aging :).

I started with my first application as a spot treatment but the second day of using I decided to apply a thin layer to my face and a little more a a spot treatment. Within the first week I had a totally clear, clean pored face. I continue using the product daily, both AM and PM.

This is a gel so I do allow about 15 minutes for total absortion and I do follow up with the original Olay Sensitive formula so I do not add the dyes and baby butt fresh scent of the regular formula.

As a note, when I needed to contorl any redness oor discoloration, I used Dagget & Ramsdell Facial Fade. It is labeled to gently fade freckles, dark areas, skin blotches, and age spots. This stuff was amazing and I still keep new little jars of it around just in case. $6.00

Both my daughter and I are using the adult formula which states that it should only be used by age 18 and up.

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congrats to you!! it was sulfur that got my acne under control too. and i too love licorice for hyperigmentation. i use dagget and ramsdell to clear up any marks that i get on my body and i also use it daily on elbows b/c they are dark but i cant use it on my face as it breaks me out :( but it really is great stuff. very effective.

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