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Bio oil question

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Does the oil have to be completely absorbed? Cause some of it kinda stays on the surface of my skin. Is this okay or not?

Also, how much should be used? It doesn't go very far..

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someone must be able to help out:/

Come on guys.. i've contributed a lot to this board so it'd be nice to get some back sometimes.

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ohmy.gif you didn't leave it very long before getting all flustered! wink.gif I don't think you got many replies because not all that many people have used bio oil, dulux.

Anyway, in my experience with bio oil, I also find that it tends to 'sit' on my skin for a few minutes, but, as with emu oil and other similar products, I find it absorbs into the skin within around 10-15 minutes quite effectively.

I find that it goes quite a long way, strangely. maybe you have a different dispenser or something? Or perhaps you are using too much - this might be why you are finding it sits on your skin so much. I remember Will205 or another fan of bio oil saying they found 1-2 drops to be enough for the whole face. (I don't tend to use it on my face - I use it on my back and chest instead)

I don't use it all that often at the minute, as I prefer emu oil - however, I find bio oil leaves my skin feeling really good if I use a few drops in a warm bath. This helps it to absorb well, I feel.

Hope this helps a bit! smile.gif

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Please do a search on "bio oil" on the board. This way you can learn from peoples' experiences. Personally, I haven't used it.

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Thanks for the help rossignol. Sorry, I was kind of in a snappy mood yesterday.

I already ran several searches on Bio Oil & Bio-oil without too much avail, by the way.

I think the dispenser is designed VERY badly. It just a hole basically, so you don't have very much control of how much comes out, etc. They really need to sort that out.

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