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smoove b

This is really working on my scar!!

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hey guys, So I have battled acne on and off since I was about 15 (now 31) but never got any pitted acne scars. Until last summer that is when I got the most severe breakout of my life for about four months and it left me with a very big boxscar. During this time I also got a couple linear scars that just spontaneously appeared.

I have found something that seems to be really working though on my large boxscar and also the linear scar that I got. I am using a combination of peels, LED, peptides, and high dose vitamin C.

I had been using a red/infrared LED light for a few months without noticing much improvement but about a month ago I switched to a different light that also includes amber LEDs. I don't want to say what type it is because you guys might think I work for them or something. (I swear I don't. You can google around for different manufacturers of LEDs that include red, infrared and amber for skin care.) This LED came with copper peptides and it says to use the peptides before the LED for maximum effect.

Well I started using the peptides last week a few minutes before applying the LEDs and WOW I am already noticing a difference. I am amazed that in such a short amount of time I can see a big change. (I used this LEDs for about the past month but only started the peptides about a week ago.) During this time I also did a lactic acid peel. Combination of peels and peptides are supposed to destroy the top layer of the scarred skin and allows the peptides to rebuild the collagen below the skin's surface.

I am also taking high dosage of vitamin C. I take a special kind of vitamin C called liposomal vitamin C which is the most absorbable kind of C. (Also the most expensive.) 2g per day. I am not sure how much this is helping but vit. C is supposed to help build collagen so it could also be part of the equation. Although I have been taken this dosage for a couple months without much change in my scars. I also eat plenty of veggies everyday including green smoothie drinks.

Again I have been doing most of these things for a few months without much progress in my scars and it wasn't until I added the peptides a few minutes before the LED light that I started to get some real big changes. It could be that all of these things are having a synergistic effect to heal my scars or it could be the peptides/LED combination is the most important. But I am going to keep at what seems to be working really well.

Somebody else should try this!! Its way cheaper and safer than fraxel or other laser surgery.

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