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Balance Bird

New style and good food for acne

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I am convinced acne is linked with the diet. I noticed that I when I started eating more meat and fish my skin was healthier than before, probably because I was lacking in the vitamins in it, I went through a meat craving phase at that point. Now I am craving salads and such, and I am hoping to balance out my diet and rid my skin of acne forever by getting all the essential nutrients I need. I also have Keratis pilaris and is has been bad lately. I am horroifed to use some lotion, like baby oil, cause I am affraid that they are too thick and for some reason prevent my skin form sloughing off :(. My skin does not shed normaly, and I always get pimples on my spinal chord area,right on it, and, well, my but, My skin has cleared up from eating healthier, but still not a hundred percent. I believe I should be able to eat meats and such. I don't want to be horrofied of the hormones in them and such. I believe if you give your body everything it needs, it will be able to digest and handle the extra instead of it coming out in the skin. I have been pooping a lot lately too!

I use to eat just fruit a lot, which is not very nutritiouse, and not packed with all the substances one needs. Or I would eat healthier things, like tuna fish, and eggs, and rice, I would eat baked chicken everyday but I was still lacking so many good foods and vegtables! It's actually really hard to remember what I use to eat before now.

http://www.ehow.com/list_6886492_pantothenic-acid-foods.html this is in a lot of things I'm suremany people don't eat as much as we should, we forget LENTILs, beans, and such contain this

http://www.bringonthesalads.com/nutrition/benefits.shtml all the vitamins in salad! ZINC I was only getting zinc from the chicken I ate, probably not enough, and chicken isn't as vitamin packed, cause we only eat the skeletal muscle.

This is what I eat:

2 or 3 large pecan. salads, with sweet onions, and strawberry vinegerette (Just started this, hoping clears up skin)

I started taking zinc every day 50mg with a meal, and a b5 vitamin

I take biotin about once a week

I eat beef soup, with loads ofvegtables

Lentils,with pumpkin and onions

Green tea with honey

Fiber one bars so goooood

Sweet potatoes baked with non dairy buttter and cinnimon

Pork chops

I also take omega 3 pils 2, 3 times a day

I have heard of people ridding their acne by becoming totaly vegies, and eating very very very healthily, getting all the nutrient and more tht they they lack

When one eats meat everyday, they tendto not eat a vegtable with it, and we truly don't eat right

I am going to increase my salad and bean intake tripple fold, and go back to eating less meat, now that I am not craving it.

Wish me luck!

I also have pimples right on my spinal chord, running along it mainly.Why is that!? Anyone else? I feel like the cells aren't coming off, and are forming there in particular. Vitamins help skins slough off.I onlu use lotion on my arms and legs btw

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