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Plastic surgeon consultation - scar excision

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You know my story and if you don't just look up my threads. It was the second plastic surgeon Ive seen and as you know, the first surgeon told me he was hesitant to excise my boxcar scars and icepick and suggested fillers/subcision. Had the subcision and the nurse let me know that fillers wouldnt do anything dramatic for my type of scars.

Any way, this new PS wanted to do subcision again. But, he asked me whether my scars would still bother me if they werent as deep but the same width etc. I explained to him how that was the problem, even if my scars were more filled in, theyd still be there and still be moderate acne scars. So he suggested I excise only the worst scars and subcise the other ones. I was frank and said I really wanted to get a few areas excised as a whole. I have pockets of terrible scarring and I want the area removed and am willing to deal with quite a long scar. He said that he could do that but suggested I still just excise the little scars and try subcision but I explained how sick I was of treatments and how Im not a superficial person. I have other scars that dont kill me inside but these indented scars that are in pockets i want the area to be excised plus, excising little scars in quite large numbers could leave me with a dozen small surgical scars and if the scars around don't respond to subcision, then i'd feel like i want the whole area excised any way.

So all in all, after firing 100 questions away, he said that he'd be willing to do larger exicisions if I was comfortable with having a once inch line scar in a couple places. I said, if it's just a line scar I have no problems but of course, I understand there's a risk the scar could turn out bad but I kept asking him what the chances were and he said not a great chance because cheeks usually respond well to surgical scars. I let him know that I'm at a plastic surgeon because I have greater faith to pay more but have a better outcome and he said of course I have more skills then a derm or cosmetic surgeon but I cant guarantee anything.

So I have to make a huge decision here. Excise or not? Do I try needling for a year and then make a decision or what. I can't deal with a bunch of my scars they are ruining my life. The severe scars I'm talking about.

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I had excision on the scars on my neck and I was not happy with the results. With excision you are not trying to treat the problem, you are making new problems.

I now have white patchy scars, still indented and still obvious acne scarring. I, like you, wouldn't of minded a few 1 inch scars here and there, adds a bit of character, but it was not the case. I would go with what he suggests if anything, try excising the larger ones and sucizing the lesser ones. You could always excise the lesser ones later.

Good luck

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