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I'm going to give accutane a whirl

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Well, I have been reading blogs on acne.com for... a year and a half, basically since I have become plagued with acne. It's horrible because I am a young mother (25) and I have NEVER had a problem with acne, until a year a half ago. No, I didn't get a pimple, I got GIGANTIC pimples of all sorts! I got the regular pus filled pimple, the black head, the white head, the under the skin (you can't really see it but it hurts like a mofo) pimple, and of course, my favorite the CYST. Lucky me.

I cannot say for sure what led to these atrocious welts on my face, but I desperatly want for them to be gone.

When I first began seeing them on my face I was horrified. I called the derm and scheduled an appointment for the very same day. Since I hadn't had acne before she prescribed the doxicillin, as well as Yaz, and benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin, and if that wasn't enough ALSO differin (i told you it was BAD - out of nowhere!)

I was super optimistic about the care plan, and I began right away.

Well, if the care plan had worked I wouldn't be writing this blog.

At first, I saw fantastic results... like the first week. THEN, all hell broke loose! My face was literally one GIANT pimple. It hurt to smile, it hurt to talk, it hurt to cry (and I was doing a lot of that). Makeup only made it hurt worse, and it looked AWFUL when I had it on.

So, I went back. She upped my prescriptions and told me that the meds took time, "It will get worse before it gets better..." but it only got worse. About 3 months into taking meds and applying basically every cream under the sun, I lost faith. My derm said it was time to start considering accutane, but that stuff scared the crap out of me. It looked pretty bleak, so what did I do? I discontinued EVERYTHING, and to my surprise my face got better. My face was actually looking pretty decent. Nothing a little makeup couldn't correct. My biggest problem was the scarring, but I'd take that over cystic acne anyday.

Well, just in the past month, as I thought I could coast into spring time with minimal skin problems, The Acne Fairy is back. Yay! I have had 3 HUGE cysts; chin, right cheek, left cheek, in the past 6 weeks... one right after another and the two on te cheeks are both still here. It's dead sexy.

I am sick of wearing makeup. I still refuse to leave my home without it. My husband hates the fact that I will not go to Wal-Mart without a full face.

I'm sick of acne... especially of the cystic variety.

I am ready to take the TANE! I'm going to schedule an appointment tomorrow, and hopefully get my blood work done the same day. Right now, I'm looking for an expected start date March 8 plus or minus a few days.

If I get brave, I'll post pics.

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