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i basically stopped doing everything except face wash, and bp on spots. I eat whatever i want or do whatever i want. idc anymore! =)

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I remember being like that, now my acne is gone and I've got severe scarring - wish I could take it back.

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i used to do that when i was much younger like when i was 10 to 15. then when i hit 16 i start it to worry so much about acne that i didn´t even want it to eat a piece of chocolate because i was worry that it was going to make my acne worse. now i´m 18 and the more i care about my acne the worst acne i get.

i think is all in our minds. if we think we are going to get sick...than we are going to get sick. is like the more you think about it the more you are getting all the negative stuff to yourself.

back when i was 14 i had acne but i never really cared! and i used to look in the mirror and never look at my skin, i really never care about my acne or how i look (i guess i was a little bit imature :shifty: )

so i really didn´t care and now that i look at my pictures i just think that my acne now got even worse.

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Yes, it all depends on how much of your acne is caused by emotions. If that is a huge factor in your acne, which for a lot of people it is, the I Don't Care routine should work quite well!

I still don't think you should eat mounds and mounds of deep fried food and cheese all the time just because you 'don't care'. Look after yourself like a normal human being should as well.

But anyway, I'm mostly clear but I do break out sometimes from time to time, and I think the reason is because "I do care". I still have the problem of subconsciously touching my face all the time to see and feel how the acne is, as well as examining my face in the mirror too often.

I've begun a challenge for myself to stop doing both of these things.... touching my face, and looking in the mirror unnecessarily, and already I've noticed a huge difference in my happiness and stress over my face... and guess what.... not breaking out! It really is way better to not bring the acne into your awareness, and begin to not care. You'll definitely be happier.

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