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need ANY ideas for one month speed recovery

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hey all

So right now I'm battling redmarks. I used to drink and smoke alot but i quit that completely and work out and eat right everyday which i think is helping. I'm trying to get results in a month. (i know.. it's very unrealistic but that's the goal cuz i got a job interview in a month i want to look good for.) right now I went to my doctor who is a derm but I'm not too sure how good she is.

Anyways, she gave me topical creams in small unmarked bottles. I think one of them is AHA (she asked me to use a pea sized drop for my whole face and it can sting a little when putting it on my face). the other is differin adapalene 0.1 percent. and a third small unmarked bottle which is yellow in color which is supposed to be for my occasional acne.

not too sure what anything is since the doctor never really told me what it is. I could find out if necessary.

I'm trying to figure out what i can take such as supplements (I take a multivitamin everyday) and any topical creams i can try to get from my doctor that you all can recommend. I know there's peels aroudn but im not looking to wait in the mail for something off the internet. I need something i can buy at a shop due to my time constraint. ( i live in asia )

anything to speed up the process for a month would be great. any ideas?

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Hi, are these red marks left over from a recent acne breakout? Or are they old? Differin is a retinol that is anti-aging and helps unclog pores and thus eliminate acne. However, people have stated that they go through an initial breakout with this. I would ease into the adapalene gel. I use differin .3 which is the highest dose the brand offers. The AHA should really help with the marks. As far as supplements you can take vitamin e and eat citrus fruits because they're good for the skin and drink loads and loads of water. That'll further help eliminate toxins from your body, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. As far as time... that's a tricky question. We all want clear skin and fast but our bodies just don't work that way. How severe are the red marks on your face? Maybe you can post a picture up? Have you tried exfoliating? Exfoliating will help rid your face of dead skin cells and help your skin regenerate itself, thus fading the red marks. I haven't tried this myself, but I might try it because I'm running out of my toner. You can use ACV (Apple cider vinegar diluted in water) and apply that to your face 2 times a day. You said you're from asia. There are so many home remedies that have been used in Asia for centuries. Tumeric powder being the most prominent one I know of. It'll leave a yellow tint on your face so be careful not to apply too much and for too long.

Hope this helps! Good luck on clearing the red marks and good luck on your interview!

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I've had great results treating red marks and have got a good routine after much trial and error:

- Gentle cleanser

- Paula's choice 2% bha in the morning (did have an initial breakout though)

- Paula's choice aha in the evening

- 99.9% certified aloe vera gel at night

- Red light therapy device

Hope this helps!

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Oh and manuka honey UMF 15 used as a face mask - there's some great threads on here about it. I think it's possible to improve marks in a month, then with some carefully applied concealer dabbed on with a small make up brush you're good to go!

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