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Hello everybody!

My first post here. I've browsed through this website in the past and think it's great and have gotten information off here that is useful.

I just want to share with you guys my story of my long journey towards the skin I use to have!

It started out when I was about 15. I ended up staying out in the sun for a very long time(at the time I was pretty pale) and have gotten severe sun burn on my face.

I never ended up going to the doctors and I had huge scabs on my cheeks, forehead and nose.

Ever since then my skin has just been a mess. Mixed in with my pale skin, you can see all the red areas(covers about 50% of my face) of where I've gotten sun damaged skin. I've also got A LOT of large pores on my nose, cheeks and forehead. It was awful!

I'd stay home a lot and would be afraid to hangout around my friends.

I'd get really oily on my nose, forehead, cheeks mixed in with enlarged pores isn't something you want to look at!

When I was about 22, and after all this seeking and doing research, I've finally found the only thing that works for me!

TCA peels are amazing!

I started out with 20%(I know a little high, but worked great for me) and ended up doing five peels with that. Each peel wasn't that dramatic(mind you I have A LOT of layers of sun damaged skin on my face) up until after all five and then when I started doing 25% peels.

I'm on my second peel for 25% and I'm starting to see the finish line!

It's amazing! I thought it'd never go away. It just makes sense, if you want new fresh looking skin you must take out the old.

Now my pores are dissapearing and I don't have oily skin like I use to!

After my first 25% peel I mentioned to a friend how my cheeks don't produce oil at all like they use to!

This has to be from the TCA peel unclogging all the larged pores and making them dissapear.

I also recommend using Hemp Oil as it naturally replenishes your skins moisture and is great for collegen production and evening out your skin tone!

Any questions, please ask!

EDIT: I should also add I took a 4 week break in between each session up until the 25% where I'm only waiting 3 weeks as my skin is use to it, and so far it's been completley fine!

This is also taking away large raised scar in the middle of my forehead, I can see it dissapearing!

I've been trying every possible at home solution for years on end and this is the ultimate one!

I just wanted to let everyone know who's been seeking the solution for clear and new skin that this is the SOLUTION!

I want to save people the time of trying all these other options.

If you haven't tried TCA peels and have thought about it, do it!

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Wow, thanks for posting this. I've wanted to try a TCA peel for a while now as I feel thats really going to help me a lot. I've always been super nervous to do it though.

Would you say you have sensitive skin or normal skin?

Thanks for the info.

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I absolutely love TCA peels! When I first started having acne problems with oily skin, clogged pores and breakouts, a series of these peels over the summers when I was in school did the trick. I haven't had any peels for a few years now and I need to find a good place to go in my area. I have tried the OTC TCA peels and applied them myself, but I don't seem to get the same great results as a professionally applied one. I just don't think you can beat a great TCA peel's results!

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