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so, I've heard people blame their scarring on using retin a?

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....I beleive that I have heard people mention such things....so I have some scarring, and want no more..my acne seems to come and go...really have no idea what causes it. but what I'm doing as of about a week ago is rinsing my face with water often, cutting waaayyy back on dairy, not washing my face too much(drying it out), using stuff to wash other than soap sparingly, and eating alot of garlic(it's an anti biotic and it's supposed to come out of your pores and make you smell bad, right?).....also trying to be as mellow and happy as possible, since i'm not sure if my acne is related to stress...anyway.....think using retin a might help my acne...it's hard to keep track because most acne is a symptom of what was going on 1-3 weeks ago???....so one to three weeks ago I was drinking alooottt of milk, and I'm having a break out right now....possibly related idk...anyway, not sure if I should use this thing of retin a sitting around, or if it's just gonna contribute to my scarring....I think I recall it helping my acne, but idk ..might have been that I was getting a fair bit of sun, wasn't consuming much dairy, and was in a good mood....also-doesn't it make your skin thin, or something? ...personally, I'm afraid of really doing anything un-natural at this point in time, since I keep hearing these stories of how this or that medication caused someone to start scarring.

so, yeah...once I have all the appropriate pics of the divits in my face I shall make a post regarding the possibility of treducing them. thanks a bunch!

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