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Hi all, My name is Mark and i am 22 from the UK. I came across this site on my usual trawl through random internet sites and i think it is absolutely amazing. I have been sufferring from skin complaints/worries since i was 15 and totally relate to everyones feelings on this board. 17/18 were my worst years for acne not only physically but mentally aswell,i i was on the brink of suicide and was refferred to numorous support groups and such to overcome my feelings of despair. I found that these groups and doctors did not truly understand where i was coming from and they saw my worries over acne to be 'nothing big', in fact i got the feeling that alot of them thought i was wasting thier time and that i should just buck up my ideas. I also had alot of family problems, believe me living with an alcoholic father is not the best thing when sevrely depressed. Anyways if i had known about a place like this when i was at my worst i may have never have got to such a state where i would wanted to have taken my own life, never left the house and become a recluse.

What i am saying is that i am very sure that this site is helping thousands not to go down the road that i went down and i would just like to commend all of you that come on here, listen, understand and give feedback. There is nothing like someone who is going through the same thing to make the anguish you feel seem a little less heavy on your shoulders.

Thankfully i think i am through the worst of my acne, to all the people out there believe me it does get better and one day you will once again feel at least somewhere near your normal self. If i see a thread where i think i can add some input, you bet your bottom dollar (or pound here in the UK) that i will do it because i know what it could potentially mean to someone.

Peace out people biggrin.gif

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Sorry i think i put this in the wrong forum. Mods you can move it if you please.

Also im sure you probably get many of these intro threads so i am sorry if it is all old news to you guys biggrin.gif

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