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Hello everyone,

So here is what's happening. I'm 19 and I have completely broken out on both my cheeks and occasionally on my forehead. I have oily skin and I would say I have light to moderate acne because of my scarring and the numerous pimples I have. I had never had bad acne before until I started to break out a couple of months back.

So when I started breaking out, I went a little over board and went ahead and got the Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit. (BAD IDEA) It completely burned my face. Both my eyes swelled up and i started to get little red bumps all over my laugh line and my forehead. I also got these bumps all over my cheeks which eventually broke out. I went to the doctor and they basically treated it as an allergy and put me on anti-deflamatory drugs. Which did help reduce the swelling, but the bumps around my mouth,cheeks, and forehead were still there.

So about two weeks later here again silly me thought, maybe it was just that product. So I then went and got the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Scrub. I pretty much started to swell up immediately.

Now I am afraid to try any type of tropical medication that is not natural. For fear of making my skin worse. I have tried a couple of natural treatments but my face does not seem to get any better.

Here is what I have Tried

- Honey mask

-Drinking Organic Green Tree Tea

-Lemon and Cucumber Mask

-Aspirin Scrub

-Aloe Vera

My current Regime is:

Morning: Wash with Dial antibacterial soap (gold package). Then I put Aloe Vera Gel on and leave it on all day.

Night: Wash again with Dial antibacterial soap ( gold package) and put Aloe Vera gel on all night

3 times a Week: I exfoliate my face with BC aspirin in the shower then put on an aspirin and Honey mask for 15 min. I then wash it off and put on Aloe Vera Gel.

Status: After trying this for two weeks I have seen little to no improvements on my skin. I feel like my skin is getting worse because of the scarring. I continually break out and constantly have white heads on my skin.

Can anybody help me make my regime work better. Or have any other natural treatments that one can apply to the skin.

Oh and I have also removed all diary products from my diet.

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