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Weighing my options

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So I was given the option to start an accutane regimen by my derm. It's for 30mg. My acne isn't severe, but it's persistent. Things i've tried: OTC, antibiotics. I'm allergic to BP so my OTC options were limited to salycic acid which only had minor effects. I've only been on antibiotics once, and while i was on them they worked great along with differin. But once I got off them, my acne came back. I can go on another round of antibiotics with another topical, or start accutane. It's tough for me to weigh my options right now. The internet is filled with horror stories. Opinions please?

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If you're not doing so already, you should use a good moisturizer along with the salycyclic acid. For many people it really does make a difference, even those with oily skin.

One other thing you might consider trying is drinking lemon juice. It actually has a lot of overwhelming positive reviews on here. I know you probably don't want to try every single natural remedy out there, but I think this is at least worth trying. I've looked into naturalmethods, and this seems to be one that is really worth trying as in it seems to work for the most people.

As for accutane, I really can't recommend it. I had a bad experience with it in regards to lasting side effects. I took it because my acne suddenly became severe and started scarring. And it did clear me up significantly, but it wasn't worth it.

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Took it 2 years ago, best decision I've ever made. No offense, but this really isn't the place to have a true unbiased opinion about accutane. Not many people like me stick around on this website after they're done with accutane. They just go on with their lives and are acnefree. I can also tell you that I have absolutely no remaining side effects so for me it's all positive. I hope you have a positive experience if you decide to go on it.

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