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Fish oil REALLY works

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So, a couple weeks ago, my skin was looking good and all (not any zits on face, only back), but my mom suggested fish oil because my hair was kind of dry looking. Anyway, I started taking 2 pills per day, which totals about 3g of omega 3, 1g omega 6, and 400 omega 9 (or maybe the last 2 were switched). Anyway, my back acne COMPLETELY cleared for the time, and I hadn't been getting any face zits either. Last week, I kind of forgot about fish oil - I never really attributed the clear skin to it. Now, I am having some breakouts, both on my body and face. It seems like once you start taking fish oil, your skin becomes like addicted and needs it. So, I'm going to start taking it again. Please, if you have body acne, or even face acne, I really recommend this. The brand I take is from Nature's Way.

Here's a link to it:


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Has anyone else had this? I started fish oil when my face was clear, but my back wasn't, and then once I stopped taking it for a couple days, I started getting pimples in places I usually didn't, such as the jawline. O_O Looks as if I'm going to be taking fish oil forever now.

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