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rapid weight loss worsening acne?

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I'm wondering if anyone can relate to this story or knows about a possible correlation.

I'm a 28/male and had acne as long as I can remember. Pretty bad, too.

But it seemed to have stabilized pretty well from 2008-end 2010. My skin would alternate between being pretty much clear to 2 or 3 pustules at most, and very occasionally a nodule or cyst.

From autumn 2010 onwards, I started to pay more and more attention to my diet because I was getting out of shape badly.

Gradually cut out all sweets, soda's, snacks, etc, takeaway food.

I was losing weight rapidly. Like so quickly, people commented on it with amazement and I wasn't even that fat to begin with. Then, I drastically cut down my beer-consumption (which was extremely hard by the way!). Now, I really lost quite a bit of weight. I never really went on a specific diet or trainingprogram, just made common sense, healthy food choices.

As of now, since august 2010 roughly, I have lost about 13 kilos / 26 pounds. I'm absolutely not very well informed on this subject, but to me that sounds like a pretty drastic weight loss.

This is also exactly the time when my acne became to worsen badly. I've really had some bad breakouts, at the end of 2010, that I hadn't experienced for years. I'm still going through them, although they seem to be controlled a tiny bit better since I've been put on doxycycline and differin.

I just very recently made the possible connection between the worsening of my acne and my weight loss as a contribution to that.

Could it be my body and hormones adjusting to the new environment? By the way, I've never worked out or done any sports. I know this is sometimes linked to acne on this board.

I found this article http://www.acneassasin.com/99-common-signs...ight-loss-acne/ that gives a few possible reasons.

I was hoping that anyone here has something knowledgeable to add on this matter.


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The hormonal changes and the adjusting environment are definitely a cause. Another cause, though, is release of toxins in your body. Your body stores toxins it can't get rid of in fat, so wen you burn it off, you're exposing your body to them and causing it to have to rid itself of them. So when you're burning this old fat, you're bound to break out more, but soon your body will be done getting rid of the toxins and you should break out less and less until you're clear.

Congrats on the weight loss :]

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