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Cold showers work a treat for me most of the time, unfortunetly its only for a little while. Also i found that when i get a really good sleep my redness is less.

Ice cubes on your skin doesnt sound like a good idea to me, it would be too cold and would really irritate it as you would have to press it on.

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To add to my cold showers thing, i found that if i have a hot/normal tempreture shower then switch to a really cold shower for 2-3mins before im gonna hop out really calms my redness down. I think its because the body cools down very quickly and the blood isnt so close to the top of my skin.

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I will say this, goign against what some of you have said... When I ice a spot that is coming in and can feel it, I only ice it at the surface without pushing and I keep it on there for iI'd say ten minutes. I have found that it not only stops the zit from forming, but also it seems to heal a lot faster. Maybe it's just my skin type, but ice has saved me from quite a few huge pimples.


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my tactics for getting rid of a zit....

if a whitehead is already formed

1.i take an ice cube to it for about 2 mins straight.

2.i take a tac and just penetrate the whitehead.

3.i very gently push the puss out of a zit.

4.i put some neosporin on the popped zit.

when u wake up it is virtually nothing

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