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How quickly can inflamation occur after eating something?

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So I snacked (10+ coockies waffles etc) yesterday :( after eating perfect for like 2 weeks. Suddenly my nose began to get runny (can that like happen within 5min?). But after half an hour of eating my snacks I experienced some things that I sometimes have which I think is some kind of really high imflamation:

pressure on the jaw/cheeks (doctor says it is sinus infection which causes pressure pain)

pain in joints in multiple areas (also not stabbing, stinging etc kind of pain but more of an unease) - this was in my left knee left elbow and somewhere at my right foot.

I have this often. In multiple areas. 2 weeks back the cheeck/jaw pressure turned into a burning imflammatory little bit stinging pain at the right side of my cheek. Luckely that gone away with a lot of cooling.

But the question: Can a food give this type of reaction (I guess imflammation) so quickly??

And secondly how long can this continue?

ps. also experiencing stabbing chest pain just on the right of the middle (nipple height..) sometimes while breathing in. It goes away after a moment (30sec i think). Im going to the doctor for this but if anyone has a comment on this plz do. I think its non-cardiac because 1. its on the right side , 2. its only while breathing in and 3. I dont have tingling feeling , numbness and shortness of breath (Although the pain while breating in deeply makes me breath shortly , I can breath in deep if I want.)

I didnt include this in the above because the threat is mainly about how quick imflammation can happen. And Im experiencing this a day after. Although I ate 150g of pasta 2hours before...

pss. If a admin comes and thinks this is non acne related , it is related. Because this might get me closer to finding an allergy/sensitivity which can attribute to acne...

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inflamation can start as soon as your body begins to digest the food you ate

Digestion begins when your body begins to break down the food your eating-in the mouth. You begin to absorb the nutrients and sugars in your food the moment you put it in your mouth through the membranes in your mouth. So the inflammation process can within seconds of eating something.

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

when id eat lots like LOTS of sugar or bad stuff or diary at once, i usually get stomatitis inside the cheeks, but cant say it happens like instantly, but possibly within few hours tho. also when i would eat bag of very salty potato chips id get itchy nose like immediately!

so..this my example n wut others said could mean that yea, body probably reacts instantly to wut we eat so i guess we rly have to be strict about wut we eat n all :think:

bleh..stupid body system maintenance is just no fun, only hassle n troubles, when will this end :dozing:

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