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Where to go from now?

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I just finished a 6month cure of accutane, I guess I'm pleased with the results as all my acne is actually gone and I haven't had a zit for over a month. Experienced only very minor side effects, i.e dry lips, bit joint pains and an initial acne outbreak.

Thing is while the acne is gone, I still have this sort of redness left which I'm guessing is partly acne scars, and partly...yeah who knows what else it is? I dont know at least. So while face is cleared up from acne, its still that redness, and im guessing this won't be going away either.

Anyway, what do I do to actually maintain being acne free now then? I got some kinda lotion prescribed I could be using if it got bad calle epiduo but beyond that I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing now.

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I figured I'd just post a picture to illustrate.

This is how it looks now:


I'm guessing I shouldn't really be expecting any of the redness to actually disappear am I correct? The right cheek is almost 100% clear.

Anyways it would just be nice if anyone has any just in general tips to adhere to not make it get as bad as it was before. Cause I'm done with it, and I'm just really not sure what exactly I should be doing.


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The redness will fade with time, mine did about 3 months after accutane. I now use a cream called retin-a, which prevents any acne from coming back. I think it also helped with the red marks I had left over. Its only on prescription though so you need to see a doctor or dermatologist.

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