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hey, so im new on this forum and i was looking into it for about 2 weeks now.. ive seen some very interesting thoughts and regimens , So ... Well im 19 my Acne is not too bad , its cleared up alot since i have changed my diet , i do NOT eat chocolate or drink dark pop let alone any carbonated soda's only beer anyways ... So i talked to my doctor and i got some Benzaclin topical Gel , witch includes 5% Bp , this has done wonders for me ! it has helped with my acne so much , BUT now im left with Post acne Hyperpigmentation! redish/dark spots on my face ! like i dont got any active acne but i do get a few here and there , but these marks are honestly killing me ! i wanna get rid of them so bad , so much stuff ive been skipping out on because of this ... soo ive been using 100% aloe vera Gel , NO alchohol , only tried it for about 2 days seen a little bit of improvment i guess but not rele.. and im a GUY so when it comes to exfoliating i have no clue what ppl are talking about lol... so id like to know so i can get up on it , i dont rele have a regimen but what i do is before i got to bed ill put on the Benzaclin topical gel for about 2 hours ? it dries out and i wash it off then apply aloe vera for the night , and wash off in the am thats about it ! soo im very interested in trying something else but got a few questions and would greatly appreciate some advice ! sooo first this is ACV ! ive seen many topics on this so im def gonna go get it . . BUT when u do the ACV on ur face do u leave it on all night or just for like 15-20mins ? i was thinking about doing the baking soda mask leave on for 10mins or so ? then Drinking the ACV 50/50 through a straw because my teeth are very good and also applying on my face for about 15mins then washing off and apply benzoclin topical gel , <-- this gel the only thing is i find if i stop using it for like a day or 2 i get some acne .. and its expensive shit too lol its like 140$ a bottle ! and it lasts 3 months but it does work ! ive had acne ever since i hit grade 10 ! my face was clear as ever ! but i didnt treat my acne until recently ! i would very appreciate your time ! as we all are looking for clear skin ! Thanks !!!

so in the pic it doesnt even look bad at all ! but all the light red marks are actually more visable then that .. so dont think im just going crazy over tiny red marks like that cause if my face were like that i wouldnt even be posting this , anyways they are much more red , and im coming off the BP im debating about it alot of people were saying when they stopped they got bad breakouts so im sketching and i know for a fact that the condemone acne ? is from the bp .. and im gonna be ordering Paula's 2% BHA Gel to hopefully get rid of that and fade my scars ? but im also questioning about the acv and whatnot ! : )



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it looks good in the pic but the red marks are like rele visable and its annoying the fuck outta me cause if i dont look good i dont feel good .. but yeah like i said in the post the red marks look way better then what they actually are aha!

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