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Adult Males 20 years and above

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If you are an adult male ages 20 years and above and are suffering from adult acne I want you to try this method... Let go of all the topicals cleansers and stuff your using to clear your acne and what I want you to do is wash your face with hot water only... Preferably morning and night in the shower... Now what you do is let the hot water from the shower hit your face for about 1 to 2 mins more if you like and while thats happening the steam from the hot water is also going to be opening your pores.. I have found that this regiman is clearing me up quite well. Ive only been doing it for 3 days and the changes ive been seeing in my skin are quite drastic to be honest with you. The other day i came to the conclusion that i am a 23 year old adult male and using all that stuff like cleansers retinoids and bp just aint for me anymore. I am an adult and need to treat my skin like an adult and i find that this method is working really good for me. Now if you are an adult 20 years or older i suggest you try this method out and if you continue to get acne in the form of pustules papules etc. than its time you go see a doctor to see whats internally causing your skin issues. For me I can already tell that my skin issues are product related im just so pissed it took me this long to realize it. I just had to get outta that mindset of this cleanser is going to clear me up or this acne product is going to clear me up... I must say that i am 100 percent sure this method is going to keep me clear 100 percent. Some of yall may be think well are you getting dry from the hot water and my anwser to that is yes especially the first 2 days of doing it i was extremely flakey from my skin... But today is day 3 of me doing this and the flakiness has definetly gone done a whole lot. I expect as my skin starts to recover and get used to this new Natural method of cleansing it will learn to naturally moisture itself again and become 100 percent flake free. Now many of you problably have heard similar stories like this before but really this is coming from a guy who has suffered from skin issues for the past 8 years. I really do believe in this method especially if you are an adult male where acne should not be an issue for you at this point unless something is wrong with you internally and the only way to find that out is to try this method of cleansing. If anyone has questions they want to ask me feel free to leave a comment on this post and i will gladly answer your question? Take Care everyone and God Bless

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Its good its working for you, but I expect you have simply outgrown hormonal acne and the topical treatments were irritating your skin. Unfortunately, many people over the age of 20 suffer from hormonal acne and doing nothing but washing their face with water is unlikely to do anything.

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