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Options in treatment are limited?

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My dermatologist in July prescribed me Differen and Clindoxyl Gel and they were working amazingly. However, since then my face has gotten immune to both topical treatments. After an appointment today, my dermatologist said that my only other option is Accutane.

Accutane to me personally seems kind of imposing since it is an actual pill. I'd rather treat my skin by using topical treatments (including natural treatments as well)

Do you have any recommendations for me?


I have mild acne and sensitive skin. I am 15 years old in Grade 9 )

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Accutane,in my opinion, should only be used as a last resort for severe,scarring, or emotionally damaging acne. Emotional as in you want to end your life,not that it's a mildly upsetting inconvenience.

I don't think skin can get resistant to a retinoid,to be honest. I certainly have never heard of that before.

Topical antibiotics sound like something bacteria could easily become resistant to,though. I'm not entirely sure if clindoxyl can become useless with time.

I think treating acne internally makes a lot of sense. Milk,gluten, and sugars can worsen the condition in some people. If you're lucky enough to not be sensitive to any of these,then eating a good diet can still help your body and skin heal itself better. A lot of people see improvement in their skin inflammation with supplements like fish oil and zinc,too.

Have you ever stopped dairy or gluten to see if they were possible triggers for you? It's always worth a try!

There's a lot of options for you topically and internally....too much to really discuss in one post.

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