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Is it worth it to do a candida diet for 10 days with a prescription anti-fungal? Will it do anything? I am hungry all day since I cannot really eat carbs. I am on day 4.

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Firstly, have you several Candida symptoms? (Google them!) If you have quite a few, I would recommend a anti Candida diet for a few weeks (If your unsure what is permitted on this diet, Google!)

In addition to the diet, I would also recommend you use a more traditional anti fungal supplement rather than a prescription one that may carry side effects... I personally used 'Castor bean oil' ( Undecylenic acid). Dosage really does depend on the severity of your symptoms (once you have determined this, I may be able to help with dosage).

Lastly, drinking an high amount of water will help the body remove the fungus and yeast infections alongside moderate exercise which induces sweating. < This is crucial.

If you need any more advice, reply ;)

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You'll need to stick with it for more than 10 days to see something. Also you don't need to completely abstain from carbs, just shitty carbs.

For your vegetables, stick to green veggies like spinach and broccoli. I would personally not eat any fruit for the duration of this diet. Carrots and most beans (in moderate amounts) are fair game also (but stay away from soybeans and soy in general.)

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I agree with Chunkylard - try do it for 6 weeks.

And read a lot of sites about Candida diets - some are really watered down and that is useless - you just keep feeding the candida.

Sweet-potato fries (Olive oil)!! I eat loads of them!!

Coconut oil kills candida too.

I make candida fighting chocolate:

5 tablespoons cocoa

5 tablespoons coconut oil - melted a bit by putting tub in hot water


5 tablespoons fine desiccated coconut

pinch of salt

3 tablespoons sugar (For candida diet I replace sugar with stevia (10 drops - 1 teaspoon))


Put in plastic sandwich container and flatten like a slab.

refrigerate for 20 min

DONE. Its yummy!

add nuts/ vanilla/ raisins/ whatever you feel like - if allowed on candida diet

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I do have several candida symptoms, and I have been following the diet pretty good (eggs, gluten free oats, flax oil, raw almond butter, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, garlic, onions, spinach, baked chicken w/ pepper and cayenne, small amounts of brown rice). I am just starving for most of the day because I cannot have any carbs, it will be too hard to do it for more than 10 days. I only weigh like 150 LBS. I am also doing a 7 day full body cleanse right after this which only fruit and veggies are allowed (I will be taking a high quality probiotic during this). I guess my question is...why would I do it for more than ten days? All I am trying to do is kill most of the yeast overgrowth and replenish my good bacteria since it is very low. I am taking a high quality probiotic, shouldn't this program get me on the right track? Thanks for everyone replying btw.

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you're starving, because your body doesn't have any energy. You need calories, and you can't get it from carbs, so you need to move to fats, which pack a punch.

You need to up to fat intake a lot while on a candida diet.

Start liberally eating avacados, walnuts/almonds, yogurt, coconut products... etc.

Up your intake of vegetables like broccoli which will make you feel full.

I personally just dump a ton of broccoli into whatever I'm cooking every time, and usually a full avacado on the side or in the dish. You'll feel pretty full no matter what from that.

Start drinking herbal teas and drink water all day when you feel hungry or urges for sugar or carbs.

If you're dieing for sweets, invest in some stevia, which is a sweetener that won't feed the candida.

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Do the candida diet first before using some medicines. We all know that is its better to stick to a natural method. Medicines have possible side effects. Its normal to be hungry coz your on a diet. Just be patient and surely good results will follow.

-Dorothy Hall


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