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Tazorac Really Works, Log

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Hi, I'm a little late to start my log being that I have been on tazorac 0.1% since October 25th 2010 (15 weeks) but I might as well.

Basically, the first 8 weeks of tazorac were hell. The initial breakout was horrible, and I did not expect it. From week two to week eight, I can honestly say I had a total of around 400 whiteheads. On my worst days, I counted 17 whiteheads on my face. Also, the pustules grew rapidly and increased in number. Irritation, however, was not an issue.

Then week 8 came. Between week 8 and 10, there was essentially no change in my acne. It did not improve but it did not get worse.

Then, finally, between weeks 11 and now (15), the improvement is drastic. My face has cleared approx 80% since when I started and I haven't felt this good or clear in a long time. The derm did ask me if I wanted to do accutane, and I really was tempted but I declined.

Basically, as of now, Tazorac 0.1% gel is the ONLY thing to ever work on my acne. I am a 16 year old male and I have used 10 different drugs before this, none prevailed clearer skin.

Still, I am at four and a half months and the improvement is still happening.

Basically, if your thinking about tazorac, it really is a miracle. But, be warned, the first 12 weeks are not pretty. Your not going to clear up in 12 weeks, your going to get much worse, you really need to give this medication AT LEAST 5 months to really clear your skin. But staying on tazorac is the best decision of my life and I really think I will have clear skin within 3 months. Also, there is a serious itchyness that occurs sometimes while on tazorac, and it really is intense. You have to be careful because I have scratched my skin raw where it needed to scab about four times due to the intense itching.

I will be updating weekly but overall, tazorac is a miracle and definately works if given at least 5 months.

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Yeah, today marked my 8th week on Tazorac .05 cream and I'm finally seeing results. I still have whiteheads, but the red, hyper pigmentation is what is my problem. It's slowly fading away.

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Good Luck = ). But yeah seriously give it ALOT of time, keep it going for at least 15 weeks. It really sucks I hated it so much but now I'm happy I'm still doing it

Edit: The hyperpigmentation is annoying and I still have it too although it greatly subsided, and basically once you hit the point where your active acne dies down then the hyperpigmentation really goes away.

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