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Need some help!!!

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Hi everyone. I will make this as straight to the point as possible. I am currently on Differin gel in the morning and Clindoxyl at night. This has kept my acne under control. I may have a few spots every now and the but generally very good.

My problem is that I will be in Thailand for the next 3 weeks (leaving feb 8th) and I don't know what to do. My products are photosensitive to light, and all Thailand is is sun, so that may not work out. My doctor recommended just taking the clindoxyl for the night time, and not using any of the creams during the morning, just sunscreen that will not affect my skin negatively.

So I have a few question.

1) Should I use an acne pad? One that isn't photosensitive for the morning, and then follow that up with sunscreen. I would hate not using (nothing) to treat acne during the day.

2) Will acne pads conflict with the clindoxyl gel I will be taking at night?

3) Even though I am using it (clindoxyl) at night, can't it still make my skin photosensitive for the morning or will washing it remove the problem?

Does anyone have recommendations for acne pads that are not photosensitive, which usually are the salicylic acid ones (not sure if that's spelled correctly).

Thanks in advance.

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Well your skin is already thinned from Differin anyways. You'll still be unacceptable to sunlight even if you don't use it while you're there.

Do people in Tailand ever use parasols? You might want to pick up one of those as long as it doesn't look out of place.You can even get a wide brimmed hat.Don't skip the sunblock either!


These are what first come to mind. I have used them before without any drying of my skin,but they do have alcohol in them.

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