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scentless apprentice

Brittany's Accutane log

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Well, this is my first post and I'm pretty excited because this site is the poo!

Ok, so I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. My name is Brittany and I'm a Junior in high school (I'm turning 16 September 8). I've had mild to moderate acne since 3rd grade, so needless to say, it's taken a huge toll on me emotionally. I have been seeing a dermatologist for two and a half years and finally I'm being put on Accutane due to antibiotics and creams that do not work.

Acne has ruined my life. Personally, I think I'd be a knock out if I didn't have it. I remember this one kid who always made fun of me for three years, every single day. It really depressed me. One of my ex-boyfriends broke up with me because 1) I'm not a whore, and 2) I was "hot" and he "loved my figure and all," but I just didn't take care of my skin that well. Or so he thought. I was like bitch please bb_eusa_hand.gif hehe... but all of the comments and teasing really hurt me and deep down I'll always be scarred by it. However, in a weird and twisted way, I'm glad I went through it because I will always have compassion for others and I'll never judge anyone by their looks.

Anyway, I am pretty scared of the side effects. I don't want to be really dry and be all crusty and I'm REALLY scared of the breakouts. I'm taking the pills next week after I get the bloodwork done. So before that I'm drinking a lot of water and I'm going to go buy stuff (cetaphil face wash, aquaphor--not sure if either of those are spelled right?) I already have cetaphil moisturizer.

Any suggestions before I go shopping?

mad love bb_wink.gif

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Good luck Brittany! I think Cetaphil and Aquaphor is all you will really need to start! I use CortiBalm but you have to order that online at www.cortibalm.com but I hear that Aquaphor works just as well. Keep us updated!

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Acne has ruined my life. Personally, I think I'd be a knock out if I didn't have it.

hehe! that's such a cool thing to say. seems like you don't have too many self-esteem issues beyond acne.

i wish you luck and hope you become the stunner you deserve to be.

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well i haven not been able to updtae because my computer was broke.

here is the update... apparently I had an allergic reaction to it, so they made me stop it. about two weeks into it, I started to get hives and one night my entire right hand and arm swelled up (it was huge) really bad and my hives got beat red. There was a patch on my wrist but it did not itch or anything. The most scarry part was when a vein in my palm swelled up to 5 times its size and was hard; the other veins just turned very dark in my fingers. I called the doc on call and she said go to the ER but i did not go... i just didn't want to. the next day i went to the docter and she said i could have had a blood clot that was not that serious. So, on the second and half month, i got the same symptoms but this time the vein wasn't poking up an inch off my palm but i decided to go to the ER this time. By the time waiting they saw me everything went back to normal beucase I waited for three hours. The next day i went to the doc, they said i needed to get off the accutane. so here i am, a few weeks off of accutane, and i'm ugly again. No-- I look like the blob that ate NY. I look like a fucking monster. eusa_wall.gif

... my docter called me friday and said "when you come in on tuesday, we can discuss what happened to your arm, and we will see about putting you back on it." i am really confused but i didnt argue because i want to see what he has to say.

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