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have you ever had a spot that doesnt seem to completely go away? im a bit consfued at the moment. ok basically i had this little spot on my cheek for about a week and then it got big, with a big head, but i didnt want to touch it so i just left it and after about 5 days the head just scabbed off by itself. over the next few days the spot just got smaller in size but it stopped about 5 days ago.

over the past 5 or so days, there is a still a shallow red spot that isnt changing or going away, i dont think its a red mark because ive got a few of those and this looks differant, it looks like a spot plus theres stil a little lump its not flat. why is this spot not going away completely? ive had this spot for almost three weeks now and its really annoying! what is going on?

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

yah, i actually have spots that havent fade even for yrs :doubt:

but dont get discouraged by this k? its just me, i just have rly lame healing abilities ykno :doubt:

make sure u get sunlight or vit d supplement (or so ive been told by ppl here) n eat lots of greens n healthy food as much as possible. 2l of water every day (+ acv or lemon juice), also try acv toner topically, it does help actually, although sloow as fck n just a bit, but it does.

orz maybe its turning into somekind of scar for u? bcz redmarks r usually plain flat skin with just red spot, so im not sure :think:

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