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First I will give you a story..

I got my acne when I was about 16 (Maybe 15, close to turning, that's besides the point.)

Anyways, since I got it, It just doesn't want to go away. I tried everything imaginable. lol ok a little drastic.. but I tried Pro activ, and, well, it worked! BUT! My face was always like, red / Groggy looking.. It did completely clear up, but no matter what, it was red / dry / groggy / not looking clear and glowing like I wanted. I have always wanted perfect skin, lol.. I am 18, but I look like I am still 15, which is somewhat Ok, cause it makes my acne less questionable.. haha.. People think I am just a normal teenager when they see me.


I tried changing my diet, I tried Clearasil, pronexin, colon cleansers, supplements, Master cleanse, neutrogena, proactiv, clean and clear, Natures cure, Basically, if you can find it in a grocery store, I have tried it. I recently was at a Rite Aid, (For those who don't know what that is, it is a drug store, like CVS, or Walgreens, if you know what they are.) The lady recommended Phisoderm (However you spell it) I am on week 1, not really improvement other then not causing redness or dryness (Does make my skin feel tight sometimes) . She said it worked for her son, who, like me, tried almost everything. However, if this does not work, I have some things I might try...

I want opinions on something.

There are only a few major things that I believe change when we get older, or should I say, go from 1-13ish, then 15-18+.

What I mean, is,

When I was younger, my parents had me take a bath or shower like, 2 times a week, (which sounds gross, but I never broke out.)

Another thing, is, when I was younger, I was outside a TON more, so, in the sun.

Oh, and another thing.. I drank milk. I was told milk causes acne, and sometimes it seems like it does.. but when I was younger I never got acne.

Really, what I want to know, is..

I am really never in the sun, when I got running/jogging, it's at night, or in the morning before sun, or on the treadmill. I take a shower every day, which I started doing a little before I got acne.

Everyone always say, "Wash twice a day! It will help your face! Keep acne spots out of the sun!"

But My question, is,

What if we go sun bathe for like, 10 minutes a day in the acne prone areas? What if we stop showering every morning or night? 1-2 showers a week with 10 mins at least in the sun every day? Skin cancer or acne free?

So do either of these sound promising? Could showering every day be causing acne? Or is that just a likely coincidence?

Same with the sun, another likely coincidence? or evidence?

So what should I try?

If neither of those sound likely, then if this phisoderm does not work, I will be trying a Benzol (however it's spelled) peroxide treatment again, and just keep at it, even though it always made my face red / dry and flakey. My skin never got used to it, but maybe I didn't do it long enough. Although I was on Proactiv for at least a month. Yes, it worked, in fact, after stopping it, I got acne again, then about a month later I started using it again, and my acne was gone in literally 2 days, however, the dryness and flakiness was back... Again, I never used a lotion though.. Mainly because when I put BP on my face, and tried using lotion to stop the flakiness / redness, my face broke out. It was like I couldn't use both..

The lotion I have is Cetaphil, my derm said it's one of the best lotions he can recommend - and I was already using it.




Oh and btw, I have mild - moderate acne

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I'm guessing you went through a surge of hormones, you broke out, now you are stressing your face out by overdoing all the remedies.

Children don't get acne because they don't have that hormonal surge yet, and also haven't had time to mess up their bodies enough with poor lifestyle yet. But basically milk is bad for most everyone and the majority of people can't digest it anyway, we all just think we can. You'd do good to get rid of it.

Getting sun will absolutely help, and so will stopping overwashing/medicating/irritating your face... although I'm guessing you didn't start getting because you showered more. I do think showering less is fine, as it's not needed, and hot showers do actually irritate and strip oils out of your face, so it could be a contributing factor.

Anyway... if you eat a healthy diet, get some sunshine, work on your emotions and self esteem, sleep well, exercise, and don't irritate your face... you will be a healthy person, and you will most likely get rid of your acne. Only upkeeping a couple of these elements doesn't make a healthy person (that's why so many people say they changed their diet and it didn't work).

Good luck!

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I would change your diet to gluten free/mainly gluten free and do everything mentioned above. Exercise and lots of water always helps me. Have you ever been on antibiotics?

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I have been on one antibiotic, but it was not for acne, it was something that people recommended for acne, but the doctor gave me it for staph... Unfortunately I do not remember the name..

Anyhow, I have already eliminated milk from my diet for some time now, I exercise, I eat moderately healthy - moderately unhealthy, but I have tried changing everything completely. In fact I woke up this morning and washed my face again, and my skin seems somewhat clearer, but I also did a slight liquid diet yesterday, orange juice and green goodness smoothie. I wonder if Orange juice had something to do with it, or my new cleanser, but I have only been using it about a week.

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