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My tweaked Acne.org regimen.

I've started a new regimen. Using the same products, but in different ways. I've come to find if I wash my face less often, it actually looks better, probably due to irritation. Nonetheless, I still have to medicate it with BP, perhaps in larger doses, but not as often. It's also a better idea for me to use BP at night so I can sleep with it, plus I have more time during the night than in the day. I've also learned that AHA+ MUSTN'T be cut by other moisturizers or it'll throw the formula off. So I use it by itself now and it works fine.

My regimen as of right now is the same as my signature:

Day: Olay Complete Sensitive SPF15 and/or Makeup. (Makeup has SPF15 too)

Night: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. 1.5 times the normal dose of BP (so if you use 2 pumps, I use 3, if you use 3 pumps with the new pump, I use 4.5. However you wanna look at it.)

Then moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion or AHA+ a couple times a week.

I'm trying to avoid washing my face more than once a day. In fact, I'll try to give my face 1-2 days a week where I do absolutely nothing to it. No products, no cleansing, no treatment, no moisturizer, no sunscreen, no exfoliation, nothing. Just leave it alone.

So far my skin is a lot calmer and clearer in general and not as irritated. I'm facing a small breakout on my forehead right now but really that is all that counts as a breakout to me, 3 very small red pimples probably due to irritation and stress.

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your skin is so lovely!!! much better skintone than mine, which is still red/pink from years of BP and Differin.

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I don't want to be a bane paine, hahahaha (vocab word), but do you eat healthily? Do, you go, andI mean go(numero dos) once a day? Do you get your omegas and have fiber for your digestive tract bacteria to eat? They need it!

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Ugh, I didn't know I got that reply from Crystal until now. sorry. I honestly do not eat very healthily, I eat junk food at least once a day in some form or another. Living with parents, one with a job and the other on unemployment benefits doesn't help with that either.

I think I understand my skin a little more now. A couple years ago I stopped using the regimen because once my skin got to it's "clear" state, I didn't have to treat twice daily to maintain pretty clear skin. But stopping altogether isn't good either. Now that I've done the regimen for... idk... almost a year now, my skin is back to it's clear state and seems to be happy with once-daily washing and treating, even if inconsistent. Not too much, not too little washing and treating, and my skin seems happy.

I just have to balance between my skin getting oily, dirty, and broken out from too much neglect, and dry, irritated, and broken out from too much care. Sometimes I wash and treat twice in a day, some days I do nothing to my face at all. Sometimes I use 4.5 pumps worth, sometimes 1 or 2. It depends on the status of my skin and how much care I've been putting into it lately.

I've also figured out I can actually use, and really enjoy, Dan's AHA+. I was making the huge mistake of mixing it with moisturizer thinking it'd lessen the stinging when in reality it made it much worse. but using it on it's own as a night moisturizer a couple times a week is awesome.

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i wanna lick your skin its so pretty, haha kidding, no but seriously

Yeah you just wanna slap it lol

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