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Roaccutane log

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I'm starting this log mostly for myself so I can read back on my progress in the future. Well I will start when I was 12, this is when I started getting acne, it was a pretty mild case at this point, but it started getting alot worse into year 7, then year 8 it was at it's peak, where my face was covered with alot of acne. During this time frame I had been on Differin and Doxycycline both helped a tiny bit but not a real lot, then towards the end of year 8 I was put on Minocycline 50mg twice a day. after a few months my skin started clearing up and I only usually had like 1 or 2 small pimples on my face.

Now midway between year 10 (16 years old) I started break out again, it wasnt as bad as previously in year 8, but I also started developing some nodular acne. I would now go through a cycle where my skin starts clearing up and I dont get many pimples for 1 or 2 weeks then I would break out like crazy and the pimples would keep on coming for a few weeks and this cycle would keep repeating its self.

I finally decided I had enough and that the Minocycline wasnt working aswell anymore, so I decided to see my GP in January this year. She said that she suffered from acne aswell and only had got rid of it 2 years before using Roaccutane. She said should we refer me to a 'pro' Roaccutane dermatologist since she cant really prescribe much more.

So I luckily got into see this dermatologist 5 days later because one of his patients canceled, apparently he was booked up for a month or two. So as soon as I got in their he brought up accutane as his preffered way to treat acne sufferers, he said that all other topical treatments only cover the problem and I could still have acne upto potentially 10 years or more and this way I can reduce the chance of long term scaring. He went over all the side effects, dry lips and skin etc. He then went on about the more serious side effects that can occur but he said none of his patients have suffered greatly from these when they have occured.

I have now started taking Roaccutane 20mg twice daily after getting the all clear on my blood test. I will now try and give a oftenly updated account of my Roaccutane cycle, stay tuned.

Day1: Took my first capsule with dinner, my acne is ironically looking clearer then normal right now.

Day2: Not much else to report, havent developed and dryness or new pimples.

Day3: Same as yesterday, no side effects or new pimples.

Day6: Starting to get dry lips now, no break out yet though

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Day7: A couple of pimples started to break out on my chin, they have multiple white heads on them.

Day8: My skins in agony, my skin feels really tight and dry and since those pimples which broke out which are near my mouth it hurts everytime I talk.

When everyone had their IB were your pimples really sore?

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Not sure that anybody cares, but I am on my 6th box at the moment, and currently don't have any pimples, I upped the dosage to 60mg a day and should be finished in July. I still have a few faint marks, but they are fading, slowly.

Just thought I should post this since alot of people don't finish their blog, and leave everyone wondering if it worked.

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