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Accutane Dosage?

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Hi all, quick summary( 210 lbs, 40mg tane ed) Way to small dose right?

Im currently on my second cycle of Accutane. My first cycle was about eight months long and my skin DID NOT clear up at all until I got off of it. On that cycle i was a junior in HS and was doing it under the supervision of a Dermatologist. Im currently a sophmore in college and am doing the cycle under the supervision of my primary care physician because all the damn dermatologists are booked for months on end. But im 6'3 210 lbs and have low fat... and on 40mg a day on my second month... isnt that way to little? i mean all its doing is making my skin way worse like it did the first cycle and i always thought it was cause the dose was so low my first time... wich was at 80mg a day. idk let me know what you think, i really cant deal with all this all throughout college... :cry:


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What country are you in? It sounds like you aren't in the US, just based on you saying that you got your prescription from a primary care physician.

It is my understanding that many doctors outside the US in particular use smaller doses of Accutane. Also, my doctor said that treating an adult with Accutane (rather than a teenager) is more likely to result in long-term success. I guess it's the adolescent hormones. I don't have any scientific reference on that.

Also, cumulative dose counts. So while your dosage may be small, how many months are you taking it? Your doctor may have been trying to minimize side effects.

If you have any concerns, be sure to speak with your doctor. He or she may be able to explain why you got prescribed that particular dosage. Cheers! :)

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