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Hi All,

I have a query regarding my accutane treatment. I am on 2nd month of 40mg per day. I was on 50mg but the derm reduced the dose coz of severe joint aches and dryness in eyes etc. Mainly side effects.

Now on 40mg I start feeling oilyness on my skin. When I get up in the morning I have oily nose and during the day I feel shineness on the skin. not majorly oily. But being in the 2nd month I expect the skin to be drying out rather than oil coming back which was gone after 15days of 50mg dose. is it how its supposed to work ? Like its taking the dirt out etc etc. Please note I dint experience any IB in my 1st month. But now I feel that the pimples and zits which I cud see under the skin are on top now.

I look at the negative side that accutane isnt gona work for me? i.e. as soon as i will get off of accutane oil will come back? I am just wondering if I shud ask the derm to put me back to 50mg.

Please share your experience if any had similar experience and problem . Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all .

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Dont worry about lowering the dose. I was on 10mg for 5 months. Also the food you eat with the pill has an effect- the oilier the better pill will work (its sort of vitamin A, and vitamin A works dissolves only in oily environment).

But dont worry. You will start to see changes around 3rd - 4th month. My skin was oily during first months too. The drug is not in your blood yet properly. Even when I quit I had dry lips everyday like I was still taking the drug. They say it takes 6 months for it to fade from blood.

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