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So I'm 18 and I have always had acne but since last November.. I've been getting SEVERE Acne.. I mean huge cysts, nodules.. the whole shabang.. My mistake was to try everything I could over the counter and not stick with it therefore making my face worse.. Until I finally made an appointment with a derm in the beginning of January, who prescribed me some antibiotics(not accutane since I was scared of the side affects) and a couple topicals. It's been a month and I see small improvement. But I have the type of acne that is considered VERY severe.. I don't like to go out, I avoid people even my family. Unluckily I have to go to college everyday and the way I deal with that is by wearing a hoodie every day and pretend I have a nail-biting problem just as an excuse to keep my hand in my face. I know that people now in days are very supportive and accepting but I just can't get over the fact that I look like a complete MONSTER!!

Also, I have an amazing girlfriend who I'm very thankful for because we've actually talked about my problem openly and she says that she fell in love with me because of who I am inside. But I fear that the way I'm acting, avoiding her and constantly worrying if she is losing interest in me, she might actually change. I haven't seen her in almost 2 weeks and I miss her to death but it's very hard to explain. I thought I was doing very well with my acne and now I just can't deny that is has taken control of my life. :(

Other than my pimple-covered face, I have many scars all over my jaw line and one VERY large one on my right side that when I turn sideways and look in the mirror, what I see is atrocious. :'(

Everything is just red and bumpy and horrid! Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I mean, why me? WHY ME? What did I ever do :/ I wish I wasn't myself or at least I just had clear skin, not asking for perfect but at least something I'm not ashamed of. I hate this so much event though I'm a guy I cry a lot! [Mod Edit: Please read the sticky at the top of the forum] :/ I guess the only thing I have left to do is just wait.

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Enjoy your time with your girlfriend, if she is gonna leave you when times are tough (I know this is way easier said than done) then you gotta realize deep down she isn't the one. But by what you said, i really dont think she will leave you over this.

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I avoided a girl that felt in love with my actions and with my words i told to her, because my gross and flaky face...

Worst decision ever.

So go ahead and talk to her,physical appearance matters yes,but,it's not all.

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