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insurance doesnt cover accutane??

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I have 2 different insurances. one is medco and the other is blue cross and NEITHER one covers accutane!! WTF i had them both check amnesteen and claravis and they are not covered. I dont understand why the hell not. has anyone had this problem? I am wanting to go on a 2nd course of tane and last time i was on 80mg so i guess i will be on that if not higher. I called around and the cheapest i found is costco 481$ for a months supply of 80mg pills. this is crazy. i will do it if i have to though because thats how desperate i am!!!


Has anyone else ever paid for their tane out of pocket?

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Yup. But i'm in Canada so it's cheaper. But I am still so broke, I am going to have to beg my Grandmother for money. (that sounds bad, but she's super rich). My crappy school insurance covers every single drug except accutane! What a joke.

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On the little receipt thing I get back with every prescription it says that it costs $409 for a 30-day supply without insurance. So it would be $2454 for a 6-month treatment. That doesn't include the monthly doctor visits and blood tests though.

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Some pharmacies will give a discount for not having health insurance.

So basically, you lie.

I got some California state discount when I didn't have health insurance and needed a prescription from CVS minute clinic.

You should ask.

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I use Medco with my health insurance to get my prescription medicine and I didn't have any problems with them not covering it.

From what I understand about Blue Cross, they don't cover Accutane outright like other medications, so in order for you to be covered by your insurance, your doctor will need to submit a medical necessity form to Blue Cross which indicates that there is a need for you to be on a course of Accutane under his supervision.

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Thank you, they didn't say anything about that on the phone but I will ask. I just found out that my job offers kaiser insurance too and kaiser covers claravis so I am seeing if they will let me switch. If that doesn't work and blue cross won't cover it with a note from my dr then I am just going to get my own private kaiser plan.

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I had Blue Shield of California and they covered my Accutane no problem. I know they're different from Blue Cross of California, but I thought they had very similar coverage.

Good luck!

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