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Can oral contraceptives really help clear acne?

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I have been taking Loestrin Fe 24 for over 2 years now. One of the major pushes when deciding whether to take them or not was the common idea that they may help reduce acne. So far so BAD!

Fortunately it had prevented pregnancy! Butttt, It has not reduce my acne or turned my A cups into C's (YET!)

In fact Ive been experiencing more rampant cystic acne...

Any one have any experience with the subject??

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I second Lady Odd Duck's advice, and will move this thread to that board.

While I have no personal experience with oral contraceptives, I do have to say that they are highly varied when it comes to the strength, type, and dosage of hormones they affect. After 2 years, I would talk to your doctor about your concerns and perhaps switch if necessary?

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I've taken four different types of birth control over the years. One made me break out horribly, one didn't seem to affect my skin at all (but gave me horrible mood swings), one helped a bit (but also gave me mood swings), and the one I'm on now is great. No side effects and clear skin (with the help of spiro).

Our bodies react differently to different types of BC. If you have concerns over the type you're taking, talk to your doctor. Tell them what you want out of BCP (clear skin is a common desire when using hormonal BC), and find the right BCP for your body.

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